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January 11, 2010


Mary Dinucci

Thank you for the great ideas! Cutting to card size on even one dimension is a fabulous hint to save space and create order. If you could see my scraps.......... Ugh! Never! I save EVERYTHING. But things are gonna change!

Shar B

Ohhh, very pretty storage! Nicely organized.


My rule for scraps is "nothing smaller than a business card." Thanks for the idea that I'm calling a "rainbow box" which I plan to follow as soon as I get some Sterilite boxes. Please visit my blog for my series on using scraps!

jo capper-sandon

I'm floored at how organised you are. My method is picking scraps of paper up off the floor or table lol


Ali, what a wonderful post! One of my biggest issues in my studio is the scrap pile. Thank you SO much for the idea and inspiration.

Susan Raihala

Oh, how organized! You must get lots of scraps from classes...I don't have that many and use a Cropper Hopper accordion file for them.

Can't wait to see what you do with all those neatly organized scraps!


oh boy you are really organised!!! you should see my scrap box... it's a mess!!

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